SaniLoo® onboard waste treatment systems

The Sani-Loo™ Onboard Sewage Treatment System is a cost-effective solution complying with Australian government requirements for the treatment of sewage in a marine environment. Sani-Loo is the perfect solution to your boat toilet and marine waste treatment needs. It is designed and manufactured here in Australia by Gradon Marine.

Navsafe Marine Pty Ltd is an approved Sani-Loo supplier and installer of Sani-Loo Onboard Sewage Treatment Systems. They are of exceptional quality and have limited moving parts to overcome many of the problems in existing systems, such as high prices and malfunctioning electronics.

How Sani-Loo® works

The SaniLoo boat sewage treatment system treats macerated toilet waste as it enters the treatment tank. A chemical is added to the treatment tank that sanitises the waste to 99%. The waste is then pumped directly overboard in most areas, or to a holding tank if in a nil discharge area ready for discharge overboard when the vessel is in an area where treated sewage can be discharged. The alternative is to empty the holding tank at a marina pump out.

  • Holding tanks need to be vented correctly for odour free containment.
  • The system will connect to electric macerating toilets. If you have an electric toilet installed, it is a simple matter to connect the Sani-Loo.
  • If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of marine equipment with no-nonsense functionality and sensible pricing, contact us now.

Navsafe Marine Pty Ltd together with Sani-Loo® provide a wide range of accessories to facilitate installation of your Onboard Sewage Treatment System.

The range includes fittings and valves for plumbing and connecting your system. Ask about the Sani-Loo® Level Control Switch that can be supplied to fit existing installations.