RISE is the fire resistant sealing system of choice for cable and pipe penetrations. Fast and simple to install with its smart system design and extremely limited number of component parts.

RISE multi-cable transits consist of only two components:

  • Rubber sleeves and strips;
  • FIWA sealant

The rubber sleeves have been developed for the RISE system. Exposed to fire or high temperatures, this rubber will expand to five times its original volume. During the expansion a carbonised mass is formed, which has good thermal insulation properties. The RISE rubber is absolutely halogen free and has a low smoke and a very high oxygen index.

FIWA is a fire-resistant and water repellent sealant based on a single component silicone compound. In the event of fire or at high temperatures the sealant expands to about 10 times its original volume.

The porous mass that is formed has excellent thermal insulation properties. FIWA is absolutely halogen free and has a low smoke index, a high oxygen index and low flame spread characteristics.