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Ball Valves
These ball valves are IMCI approved to ISO standard 9093-2 and are ideal for controlling inlet and outlet water requirements.

The shells of these valves are moulded in a glass reinforced nylon composite material providing high impact and tensile strength, resulting in a light weight unit, free from corrosion and electrolysis. The internal workings are moulded in a Teflon enhanced polymer for a smooth action, also ensuring continuous ease of operation over many years.

Position Monitored Ball Valves are fitted with sensors, which enable remote indication of the valve as to whether it is in the closed or open position.

These valves can be easily wired to the engine ignition switch to enable startup to only occur when the water intake valve is open – helping to avoid possible engine overheating caused by accidental or inadvertent water intake closure.

Our valves coupled with a Seacock Monitor enables display monitoring of the status of all the seacocks on a vessel. This does away with the hassle of obtaining visual confirmation of seacocks mounted in inaccessible areas.

As with many of our products, these valves are IMCI approved to ISO standard 9093-2.